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Meeting constant disruption with constant design

Learn from real stories on how tech has helped businesses to model for change. Forward-looking design is the only way to meet disruption head-on. Download the whitepaper on meeting constant disruption with constant design.

Data-driven organization planning and analysis in times of change

Disruption is here to stay, mercilessly redefining entire industries. Yet all too often HR is not prepared for such change. Take automation, where just 20% of CEOs believe they have the strategy needed to manage the change.

Read real stories of how to tackle constant disruption with constant design. By using the latest technology, HR could instead be on the front foot with workforce change, predicting and planning for it through data-driven design.

Explore three change scenarios that most often cause organizational planning difficulties:

  • persistent disruption such as industry transformation
  • major economic or political moments like the 2008 financial crash or Brexit, and
  • mergers and acquisitions

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