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DataPlus product sheet

Smart Data Provisioning for the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Learn more about SAAS Data Warehouse Automation and how to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time

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DataPlus: Addressing business challenges

In this day and age, all businesses realise that there is real value in their data. However, rapidly unlocking this value is the main challenge facing many organisations today, especially those that do not want to run dedicated technical data management teams to maintain, administer and expand their governed data.

DataPlus aims to serve clean, governed data direct to the decision makers, so that information can become insightful far more quickly and easily, with confidence.

The traditional way:

The traditional approach to achieving clean, conformed and governed business-wide data has always been to build a data warehouse. However, data warehouse (DW) building has always suffered from the sluggish development of complex data extract, transformation and loading (ETL) processes into predefined and restrictive data models, on top of over-specified hardware infrastructure.

This can result in exorbitant costs, and considerable time delays, before delivering any real value. Once delivered, many DWs also require updates in order to evolve and expand their scope or service offering. This is usually as a result of poor initial model design, which requires more time, resources and an over-stretched IT team, to develop data models and BAU data load processes. All of this work would have to be carried out by an overstretched IT team, meaning potentially months of delays before changes could be implemented.

The DataPlus way:

The age of waiting months for IT to deliver data warehousing solutions is over. Today, businesses expect agile implementation, near real time delivery of changes and demand self-service capability from their business intelligence solutions. Data warehousing solutions are not an exception.

DataPlus is a fully managed, smart data provisioning platform built for the cloud. It massively accelerates the delivery and maintenance of consolidated business data, using a no code approach. This data is then made available in self-optimisin models to allow you to connect your BI/Analytics tool of choice.

Using its intuitive browser-based portal, DataPlus enables non-technical staff to bring their data into the cloud and create a business focused data model using its AI-led assisted model inference engine in 6 easy steps.

Automated data quality validation checks, customisable business data rules and full data audit ensure that data issues are identified, and data owners notified whenever data is uploaded and processed.

DataPlus is a SAAS solution built exclusively on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Therefore, it seamlessly scales elastically to deal with changing workloads, providing optimal performance and cost effectiveness.

DataPlus combines the power of Azures purpose built, robust enterprise architecture which offers:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Encryption
  • Security
  • Authorisation

All with added security and SSO on Auth0 to ensure that your data is safe and only exposed to the right users at the right time.

DataPlus simplifies and accelerates the design and build of a new Cloud DW whilst reducing the time to value for business users. DataPlus provides a 6-step data-as-a service capability that is easy to use and cost
effective, perfect for a quick proof of concept or proof of value.

Challenges addressed by DataPlus

  • Creating insight and value from integrating and consolidating multiple data sources into a single trusted repository while ensuring the quality of data with auditing and logging capabilities
  • Improving poor time to value of traditional data warehouse approaches given the significant time and cost of building and delivering data warehousing projects
  • Handling the complexity of changing analytics requirements in an agile manner
  • Removing the difficulties of managing infrastructure updates, scalability and cost
  • Difficulties in handling large teams of highly technical individuals to build and manage data platforms
  • The need to invest in expensive hardware or worry about how and when to retire on site servers

Benefits provided by DataPlus

  • Time to value 10x faster with 8x less cost
  • Easily define and automatically deploy changes or expand your data provisioning instantly in an agile manner with no coding
  • Reduce time to value through an intuitive UI that assists the creation of the business data model, all data pipelines and data quality validations
  • Adaptive, self-optimising data models designed for analytics ensures optimal performance
  • Provides a scalable and cost-effective cloud consumption model in which you pay only for what you need given the dynamic performance and data storage requirements of your workloads
  • Only requires non-technical staff to use DataPlus
  • Provides a reliable data-as-a-service cloud platform

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