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DataPlus British American Tobacco Case Study

From zero to Cloud-based Data-As-A Service for HR analytics in 3 months, learn how BAT used DataPlus for smart data provisioning for the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

BAT used DataPlus to provision a secure, robust, extensible and flexible SAAS platform for the purpose of supporting people analytics at scale, in a time-efficient way

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Key Benefits

  • Delivered a fully automated SAAS platform within 3 months, meeting the global talent management deadline.
  • DataPlus automation saved over £150k in development costs.
  • More project time and resources were able to be reallocated to analytics development, rather than on building a data platform.
  • Owned by the business – ongoing maintenance of the DataPlus platform and change to the business data model was implemented quickly with no technical support.
  • Up to date and instantly available analytics with no manual effort compared to a 3-month preparation time for the previous process of using a dedicated team.
  • Low cost and TCO with an elastic/scalable pay-per-usage SAAS model delivered demonstrable value instantly


BAT required an Analytics platform to seamlessly run their Talent Management process in 2019.

Their existing solutions did not meet business demands, due to:

  • Inability effectively to integrate data from external sources
  • Limited scope for internal analytics customisation
  • Inadequate usability and fl exibility for required changes and updates
  • Little to no automatisation of regular, complex reporting

As a result BAT were unable to adequately manage and track the activities of 55k positions due to the level of manual effort to make reports available. BAT were also looking for scalability to incorporate additional, external sources and for solution delivery in time for their 2019 Talent Review Cycle.


DataPlus was utilised to create a foundational Azure HR Data warehouse which incorporated the following:

  • Flexible and extensible SMART Automation features, delivering a business friendly solution.
  • A fully governed and auditable solution foundation platform delivered within a 3 month time frame
  • 500 fields of data being automatically integrated from 16 SAP Success Factors sources and 27 external data sources.
  • The removal of IT dependency after deployment, giving the business team complete ownership of the platform
  • The creation of usable business analytics solutions, curated data views and a suite of 30 Power BI dashboards – served to over 100 people across the globe

From Zero To Cloud-Based Data-as-a-Service for HR Analytics Delivered in 3 Months

Big Data London’ Seminar, Wednesday 13th November 2019

DataPlus’ Consulting Manager Darshan Baskaran, was joined-by British American Tobacco’s Damian De Conno, Global Data, Reporting and Analytics Account Manager for Corporate Functions, and Mario Calero, Group Head of People & Org Analytics, to discuss how the BAT HR Analytics team leveraged the power of smart data provisioning to build an entirely automated Azure data solution within 3 months.

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