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Data warehouse case study Royal Trinity Hospice

Accelerating the delivery of healthcare insight

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“DataPlus has helped us to rapidly deliver our new cloud EDW with minimal cost impact and maximum value.”

Jason Coleman – Head of Technology & Digital

Key benefits

  • Data warehouse delivered faster and for less – DataPlus took just 3 weeks vs 6 months for a traditional solution, saving an estimated £157k.
  • Ability to generate insight from the consolidated data to improve quality of care standards.
  • Low TCO with a scalable pay-per-usage subscription model, avoiding an estimated maintenance cost of £30k p/a
  • Maintenance management is centralised to one person, meaning no team of experts is required and changes can be handled within minutes.

The Royal Trinity Hospice

Royal Trinity Hospice is the local hospital for South West and Central London. Providing skilled, compassionate care and support to over 2,300 people every year with progressive, life-limiting illnesses. At any given moment, Trinity is caring for 700 patients at its on-site inpatient unit, or wherever a patient, or their loved ones, call home. Trinity’s services are all provided free of charge to patients and their families. The hospice only receives 25% of funding from the NHS year on year and thus relies heavily upon donations to raise the remaining £9.5 million per year needed to continue providing its services.

The challenge

DataPlus was employed to improve the way Royal Trinity Hospice serves its patients and to ultimately enable them to deliver a better quality of care. The requirement was a data warehouse that needed to be built under a limited budget and to a strict time-scale.

The solution

The build of a secure data warehouse, which effectively managed the Hospice’s 30,000 patient database, was delivered to budget and on time. The solution provided the required KPI’s and reporting functionality to enable the management team to ascertain how patient care was being delivered and how it could then be improved.

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