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Data warehouse case study global consultancy

Using DataPlus, Concentra’s Data Warehouse Accelerator, to understand business performance and future growth opportunities through data analytics for a global consultancy.

The results

  • 40% reduction in total data warehouse project time
  • 50% cost-saving due to automation of data processes
  • 70% less time spent by the finance team on data processing.

Key benefits

  • Empowered analysts Self-sufficient project team, minimising the involvement of technical resources for ongoing maintenance.
  • Actionable insights Data analysis showing demand in various geographic locations, fostering data-driven business expansion.
  • Integrated reporting
  • Integration of previously siloed data now provides global visibility and reduces administration overheads.

Identifying growth opportunities through efficient data management – the challenge

The company, a global consultancy agency with offices across the globe and a staff of over 300 had an out-dated analytics model. They used offline tools – which were inaccessible between offices – for planning and reporting. As client engagements grew in scale, often spanning multiple offices and with growing complexity, the need for a more joined-up understanding of their business was critical.

They required a solution to provide senior management with more accurate information and useful insights to help identify future growth opportunities, driving decision-making on potential new office locations based on service demand.

The solution

DataPlus delivered a data warehouse to hold data for all offices across the organization, including key data sources for primary reporting needs as well as a range of mapping processes and business logic to allow consolidated reporting across offices.

DataPlus significantly reduced the complexity of the data warehouse project by automating the development of all common components, reducing total project time by 40%, and saving a total cost of up to 50%. The Finance team is now more effective at preparing management information spending up to 70% less time on ad-hoc queries and data preparation.

The DataPlus Web Portal scheduling and monitoring capability provides an audited data process, with data quality reporting, minimising the involvement of technical resources for ongoing maintenance. The organization can now analyse their projects and project pipeline to understand service demand in various geographic locations, helping drive decision making for business expansion.

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