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Data warehouse case study global agriculture organization

Learn how this global agriculture company used DataPlus, Concentra’s Data Warehouse product, to unlock the power of market intelligence data and quickly get insights from market intelligence and gain competitive advantage.

The results

  • Online reporting platform to access all market intelligence data
  • % more time freed up for insight generation analysis
  • Data sources available for reporting on a single data model.

Key benefits

  • Hosted solution Process maintained and run in a cloud environment, with the ability to edit and amend ever-changing data feeds.
  • Quality data Central, safe and scalable repository for data, improving data quality and allowing errors to be easily corrected.
  • Speed to insight Reversed the ratio of 80% of time and resources used for cleaning data versus analysis for insight generation.

The challenge

A global company that develops and produces crop protection products, with an annual turnover of $1billion and 2,200 employees, was struggling to gain insights from purchased external market data. Despite the strategic importance of this data, the process for data collation, manipulation and distribution involved prolonged manual effort.

Its analysts were handling data from different countries, formats and languages largely manually, which was time-consuming, ran the risk of human error and provided little valuable insight. The few automated processes they did have were fragile and unreliable.

The solution

Concentra enabled them to automatically load market intelligence data into a data warehouse so their analysts could use their time on identifying meaningful patterns to gain a competitive advantage, rather than preparing the data.

Building on DataPlus, Concentra’s flexible metadata-driven data warehouse accelerator, we were able to extract data automatically from complex and changeable Excel sources. The next stage involved matching multilingual and variable quality text to a common taxonomy of active ingredients as well as a directory of organizations. This “fuzzy matching” component worked on a combination of machine-generated suggestions and user-defined mappings, so that the system learned the correct matches and user intervention was only required for new unmatched elements. Finally, the data was structured into a best-practice data warehouse architecture to support the suite of reports required as well as allowing for ad hoc analysis.

Concentra created an externally hosted analytics solution for the company to input, store, access and analyze data – with zero impact on the existing IT estate. Their analysts were then trained to take ownership of the administration of the platform as well as the development of reports.

“A robust solution to gain and share insight and value from market data, in a much quicker and much easier way.”

Market Intelligence Lead

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