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Creating a data-driven healthcare organization

Are you trying to build a data-driven culture in your organization? Would you like to drive change with analytics-based decision making? Watch this webinar case study on how Concentra and the NHS have transformed the way data is analyzed in the NHS.

Informed analytics from the ward to the board

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, one of the U.K.’s largest combined community and mental health trusts, aims to deliver the best integrated care and achieve sustained excellence, all the way from the ward to the board. Data—and in particular, reporting—play a fundamental role in achieving this strategy.

Improved patient care driven by analytical insight

The South of England community and mental health Trust worked with Concentra to use Tableau to deliver interactive, informed analytics across a broad reach of its services. Tableau interactive visualizations provided a powerful, visual way to explore data, perform analytical insight and improve care and health outcomes.

Speaker – Simon Beaumont – Head of Information, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Simon is Head of Information for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, where he leads a team of expert analysts to support clinicians in delivering compassionate and high-quality care to patients. Having successfully implemented Tableau Server and Desktop with the help of Concentra has transformed the way data is analyzed.

Speaker – Adrian Downing – Healthcare Director at Concentra

Adrian is an analytics expert. Having spent 5 years at Nuffield Health as Group Strategy Director, he combines his healthcare experience with a deep knowledge of analytical technology. He focuses on helping businesses create a data-driven culture to improve organizational effectiveness through analytical insight.