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Business analytics case study NHS cancer treatment

Revolutionary solution, life-saving results. Concentra created a groundbreaking tool to help the NHS better plan local cancer treatment strategies to improve cancer treatment. Read the case study to learn how

Key benefits

  • One stop shop Centralized the information needed by NHS managers making it easier to look at regularly updated data in one place
  • Better insightsData is presented visually making it easy to navigate and manipulate so users can work with key variables
  • Performance assessment At-a-glance profiles mean managers can benchmark their organization’s performance relative to others across the NHS.

Revolutionary solution, life-saving results

Comprehensive analysis and immediate insights with a comparison of elective and non-elective costs by geography and speciality

The data the NHS needed to plan and commission cancer services effectively was disorganised and decentralised. So they called on us to develop a comprehensive new tool in just six months. It was a big challenge that drew on all of our expertise in consulting, business analysis and technology development.

We designed the Cancer Commissioning Toolkit to bring everything together in one place – a one-stop shop for information and data on cancer. It’s a flexible, intuitive tool that allows users to view, analyze, extract and report data however they like. Even users with little technical experience.

Having all the relevant information in one place allows NHS managers to develop better cancer-fighting strategies at a local level. It gives them a much better idea of what cancer patients in their area need, and what services and medicines they should be commissioning.

Nationally, the Toolkit provides a more comprehensive view than ever before. And its benchmarking feature highlights high-performing networks, Trusts, CCG’s and GPs so that best practices can be shared around the country.

It’s a long-term solution that will help create a world-class future for the NHS and cancer patients. The kind of game-changing, sustainable solution we’re proud to put our name to.

“One of the key features of the CCT is that the Toolkit is designed around the patient’s pathway or journey through treatment. So for each aspect of the patient’s journey, there is a chapter, which has a number of sections identifying metrics for each of those areas. That means that, at a glance, managers can get an overview of cancer services for each stage of the patient journey.”


The solution

2,867 active users on the platform

1,274 NHS and 3rd party organizations using the platform

50 datasets integrated for a single source of knowledge

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