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Business analytics case study national cinema operator

A case study in improving marketing effectiveness for a national cinema operator, where advanced analytics were applied to increase insights and reduce time to value.

The results

  • 90% reduction in the total time to insights, from weeks to hours.
  • At least 1 FTE freed up to focus on more value-added activities.
  • The solution was designed, developed and implemented in only 4 weeks.

Key benefits

  • Faster analysis Reduced time to insight, abandoning one-off, time-consuming and labour-intensive customer data analysis.
  • Automated reporting Greater reporting automation with customised and shareable analysis through interactive dashboards.
  • Actionable insights Effectiveness of marketing initiatives assessed to define campaigns lifecycle across their whole network.

Using customer data to optimize marketing strategies

A leading national cinema operator was keen to improve their marketing effectiveness by optimising its campaigns through a faster and more accurate understanding of its customer data. A key area of focus was to evaluate how effective the company’s current marketing initiatives were in increasing sales revenue.

Although the company had been collecting data for years, it did not have a straightforward and user-friendly way to produce regular analysis that could support its Sales & Marketing teams in decision-making. They wanted to apply statistical rigour to the analysis as well as provide greater automation in the manipulation of data and presentation of the analysis.

Assessing effectiveness through custom, advanced data analysis

Concentra’s solution combined the use of Alteryx for advanced data analytics and Tableau for interactive visualisation. Marketers are now able to customise their analysis and control groups and determine if incremental improvement statistically exists and by what amount.

Tableau allows users to transform the output of their analysis into interactive dashboards, giving them insights on the effectiveness of marketing initiatives in different demographic groups. The custom visualisations enable them to assess which campaigns they want to extend, stop or repeat across their whole network.

“‘Concentra helped us to get to the insight faster and set up a repeatable process we can now manage ourselves.”

Head of Analytics

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