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Business analytics case study Armstrong

Improving price management with analytics. Concentra developed a smarter way for Armstrong to predict the imact of price changes on US sales using predictive analytics. Read this case study to learn how.

Key benefits

  • 15% price increasesDelivered a new framework for managing pricing which resulted in price increases of up to 15%
  • Data consolidatedAggregated data from all systems moving the time spent on data manipulation to valuable analysis
  • Process improvementCreated a new workflow and set of interactive Tableau dashboards for on-going monitoring of market performance.

Using data to drive informed decisions

Global manufacturer Armstrong sells 1,500 different products across multiple management regions, with numerous distributors in each metropolitan area. The amount of data is immense. They needed a formalised way to analyze each of these micro-markets, in order to make profit-maximising decisions.

To help simplify and streamline the decision-making process, we built a market model showing how economic factors related to price, volume and product mix. From there we integrated the data into a single location, then created a consistent and interactive Tableau reporting format for the relevant decision-makers.

Our new analytical framework has resulted in price increases of up to 15% for Armstrong. Now they have the insight they need to set optimal prices across all their micro-markets. And our bespoke Tableau dashboards allow them to constantly monitor market performance, revealing new insights every day.

Our market model showed how elasticity (and uncertainty) related to the interaction between price, volume and market share changes. The result was an implementation of price increase for individual SKUs across the region, which improved profitability.

Tableau is a leading data visualisation software. As one of Tableau’s longest standing partners, our experts not only know the technology inside out but how to apply it to solve business problems. From building dashboards and providing training to implementing enterprise Tableau Server solutions, we offer a range of options to transform how you get the most from data analytics.

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