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What you need in your data warehouse framework

Published by Concentra

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Every company that either builds ETL processes for enterprise data warehouses for a living or develops and maintains their own data warehouses and ETL processes internally eventually creates a standardised approach to core functionality that is always required in enterprise-level data warehouses.

Advantages of a Data Warehouse framework

Creating a Data Warehouse framework provides a number of advantages.

1.Consistency of development

Development would follow coding and design conventions, typically using templates. This ensures that new developers can easily pick up the standard approaches and handover/support of the processes are typically easier.

2.Standardisation and automation of core functionality

Building in core functionality into the framework approach is vital because it reduces repetitive development effort, ensures consistency of development and enables developers to concentrate on the custom requirements without having to remember to implement standard processes.

3.Speed of development

This is a by-product of having pre-built standard functionality, templates and common components, which results in development cycles being much shorter than having to develop processes from scratch.

Core Framework functionality

This is my list of core functionality that I believe should be standard in any enterprise Data Warehouse framework:

The following list is extended to include useful functionality that we have added to our framework capability, but may not be a core requirement:


Supporting standards

Supporting the ability to deliver a useful and practical Data Warehouse/ETL framework are a number of very important standards:


Concentra’s Data Warehouse Framework is built using Microsoft technologies, but this core functionality and approach is not dependent on the technology, but rather, the common requirements of practically every enterprise data warehouse implementation.
Our framework is constantly evolving as we add additional useful functionality with each new data warehouse implementation we carry out, but the core functionality in the framework is always used in each and every data warehouse we deploy. The advantage for our clients is that they receive a proven Data Warehouse implementation with all the typical functionality required for an enterprise Data Warehouse at a much lower cost and effort than is typically possible, along with the ability to fully customise and enhance their solution without being tied down to any proprietary software or licensing restrictions.

To find out more about how Concentra can help you implement your own Data Warehouse framework, please contact us.

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