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Next-generation supply chain analytics

Create a high-performing, effective and efficient supply chain ecosystem.

SupplyVue monitors and analyzes every stage and handover point in the supply chain using the most forward-thinking management practices. Use it to align your organization internally, then integrate and collaborate externally with your supply chain partners and customers. Plan and track performance with confidence.

Accelerate the evolution of supply chain management

How SupplyVue helps

Diagnose supply chain issues, model solutions and track operational changes. Deliver continuous business improvement.

How SupplyVue works

Improve forecast accuracy, reduce cycle times and create stable and predictable plans.

Integrated business planning

End-to-end overview of the supply chain with multiple filters to view performance within the network

Analytics-based S&OP

Identify the business units/entities with greatest improvement opportunities against KPI’s or by ‘size of the prize’

Forecast process assessment

Summary of which parts of the process are operating less efficiently and the likely sources of opportunity improvement

Inventory right-sizing

Combining forecast and actual sales data with daily inventory positions in every warehouse to anticipate inventory shortages

Demand-driven planning

Using changeover cost and time and sales volume to calculate replenishment policy scenarios and create a replenishment plan

Delivery cost analysis

Assess opportunities for network efficiency improvement by identifying under-utilized assets and inefficient routes

Why SupplyVue?


Enable a truly agile, data-driven approach to managing your supply chain. View summary level dashboards and drill-down to support root-cause issue identification. See across functions and geographies to build a case for change and then track benefits during implementation.

Centre of Excellence

Collaborate with accurate information that drives innovation and crossfunctional alignment. Reveal improvement opportunities, model and assess corrective actions and track implementation to ensure process and transformation initiatives are delivered and sustained.

Line Managers

Identify and deliver on operational improvements such as inventory reductions, forecast process improvements, planning improvements and changes to replenishment policies. Monitor customer service levels, investigate and fix issues.

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