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Workforce modeling

Running a business today demands resilience and agility. Situations change. Goals move. Companies evolve. How your organization responds can be the difference between success and distress.

In times of constant change

The thing about change is that it can catch businesses off guard. And though the consequences might be beneficial, the process can be difficult and damaging. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way. The key is to get ahead of disruption by planning and building different models, so you can fully consider the business impact before committing to a decision.

OrgVue enables you to model people, roles, processes, and skills across multiple scenarios. Design your organization to deliver your strategic goals. No more shuffling boxes around presentation slides or pawing over rows of data in unwieldly spreadsheets.

How OrgVue helps

Quickly build a data foundation

Aggregate, clean, and visualize data from multiple sources for fast, detailed insights into your organization.

OrgVue workforce modeling sunburst of performance ranking by level or grade

Connect across multiple dimensions

Analyze your organization from any angle by connecting people, roles, competencies, and activities with business objectives.

OrgVue workforce modeling performance ranking vs engagement

Model different scenarios

Plan effectively for change by visualizing the impact on organizational structure, headcount, costs, and skills across different scenarios. Drag-and-drop charts to model and compare future organizational scenarios to stay one step ahead.

OrgVue workforce modeling salary by grade

Measure the impact

Calculate the impact of change on the current organization, select the best course, and monitor on a continual basis.

OrgVue workforce modeling scaled by salary to measure impact

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