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Organizational design

Continually improve your organizational design through always-on insight into your most valued asset – your people. No more trudging through unwieldy spreadsheets or shuffling boxes around static presentation slides.

Organizational design is a methodology for connecting people and processes with business objectives, using data and analytics to create a work environment that optimizes performance. This can be further refined using scenario modeling to anticipate disruption outside the organization and adjust the design to reflect changes in business strategy.

Meet constant disruption with constant design

The thing about disruption is that it’s not easy to manage. It’s stressful, painful, and even damaging. The trick is to get ahead of it, build models for it, and be better prepared for how it will impact your business.

OrgVue aggregates data to create a single view of your workforce and models different scenarios for fundamentally better organizational design in times of change.

How OrgVue helps

Quickly aggregate data 

Collate, clean, and visualize data from multiple sources for fast, detailed insights into your organization.

OrgVue Organizational Design Icicle Colour by Gender

Connect across multiple dimensions

Analyze your organization from any angle by connecting people, roles, competencies, and activities with business objectives.

OrgVue Organizational Design Count of Records by Outgoing and Performance Ranking

Model different scenarios

Plan effectively for change by visualizing the impact on organizational structure, headcount, costs, and skills across different scenarios.

OrgVue Organizational Design Total Current Salary by Department

Measure the impact

Calculate the impact of change on the organization and select the best course of action.

OrgVue organizational design Scaled by Salary

Monitor progress

Ensure success by tracking changes over time along with the ability to spot and act on variances quickly.

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