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Mergers and acquisitions with OrgVue

In today’s fiercely competitive world where organic growth is hard to come by, interest in mergers and acquisitions is at an all-time high. Mergers can be the catalyst for the most profound moments of change a business and its workforce is likely to experience. Organizational modeling can help.

Mergers are a risky business

Despite the strategic benefits, mergers are disruptive and risky. They can involve bringing together many thousands of employees across different locations, creating uncertainty and challenges around restructuring and cultural integration.

But while companies are ready to invest huge sums in joining forces with a complementary business, the systems and processes needed to effectively reorganize the combined workforce are not always thought through.

Cut through with organizational modeling

Having the right tools can dramatically reduce the time and cost of mergers. Organizational modeling is foundational to effective planning and can result in business integration that will stand the test of time.

Using data to create a single view of people and the work they do can help businesses make proactive, goal-based decisions and create a balanced, sustainable organizational structure that drives the business forward. Add to this the ability to quickly aggregate and cleanse data and you’re ready to manage high-profile and time-pressured situations such as mergers.

Mergers managed

OrgVue brings together people data alongside self-service analytics, so you can set targets for headcount, skills, and costs, and model these in many different scenarios. It connects Finance with HR and lines of business to improve workforce planning and analysis for fundamentally better organizational design.

Improve your M&A strategy with OrgVue

1 – Fast and accurate pre-merger target screening

Digital analysis of current and target organizations enables you to quickly identify and value synergies. Workforce data can be uploaded, cleansed and easily analyzed to understand each entity’s structure and assess the target organization’s assets.

2 – Data-driven post-merger workforce integration

Combined workforce data can be anonymized and re-configured to compare various detailed business structures. The headcount, functions, skills, job roles and cost implications of various organizational models can then be assessed to identify which one will best meet M&A goals.

3 – Continually report on merger progress and value realization

Post-merger organizations can regularly track progress against their target M&A model and analyze their organizational effectiveness.

OrgVue M&A Benefits

  • Reduce time spent on M&A tasks by up to 50%
  • Lower costs with job and location synergies
  • Deliver a stronger integration strategy based on workforce analytics
  • Automate painful, manual M&A processes
  • Access accurate and intuitive M&A dashboards
  • Fast set-up and training in just three weeks.

Modeling for mergers eBook

View our Modeling for mergers report to discover more about OrgVue’s specialist M&A solution. Download the eBook now.