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Compliance: Brexit with OrgVue

The conditions of Britain’s departure from the European Union are more uncertain now than at any time since the 2016 Referendum. The options range from leaving without a deal, a Canada-style deal or Norway Plus, to a Customs Union and everything in between. This makes workforce planning difficult and poses a compliance conundrum.

Uncertainty makes planning difficult

With Brexit looming, it’s not surprising that more than half of British businesses say governance, compliance, and risk are the biggest challenges to their workforce planning in the coming 12 months.

Many still don’t have a data-driven view of their workforce, and without this you can’t accurately evaluate different scenarios to mitigate the risks.

Use data to anticipate change

The prospect of leaving the EU is just is one of many challenges that businesses, large and small, are likely to face in these disruptive times, so having a smart approach could be a lifesaver.

Using data to plan for continued change will help ensure your organization be resilient, adaptable, and positioned to thrive in difficult circumstances.

Three things you can do to manage Brexit

So, what can you do to you prepare your workforce for whatever changes are coming? Here are three things we think you should think about:

  1. Aggregate, clean, and continually update your workforce data using automated processes
  2. Combine HR and Finance data to build stronger plans and invest in the right roles and functions to deliver business strategy
  3. Use workforce analytics and modeling to plan for different Brexit scenarios with their associated costs and benefits.

By investing in specialist workforce analytics software, you can reduce the time taken to complete essential tasks from two weeks to a few minutes for a fast and efficient response to Brexit.

Meeting constant disruption with constant design

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