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In an era of constant change, getting ahead beats playing catch up. OrgVue gives you control of your workforce: how it’s organized, how it operates, and how it can do better. For the first time, HR, Finance, and the business can come together to plan the future organization, ensuring the workforce is aligned to the operating strategy. Raise your people game with OrgVue.

What are you trying to do?

Whether it’s cost reduction, compliance matters such as gender pay gap, the changing nature of work, or disruptive economic circumstances, OrgVue makes it easy to analyze and model data on people, processes, and costs, so your workforce decisions deliver real impact to the business.

By comparing your current organizational structure with different scenario models, OrgVue lets you track progress towards your business goals on a regular basis and simplifies reporting for you and your stakeholders.

How OrgVue helps

OrgVue changes the conversation from ‘role and cost’ to ‘work and value’. You want people with the right skills doing the right work at the right time to improve productivity and support your business strategy.

Know exactly how your workforce is structured, how it operates, what value it delivers, and how it can respond to change, based on trusted data. OrgVue is:


Data-driven decisions with automated data collection, visualization, and organizational modeling.


Match people to roles, competencies, activities, and business objectives. Any level of detail – in real-time.


Designed for the era of constant evolution. Continually map change and be ready for anything.

Streamline mergers and acquisitions

50% less time (Global distribution network)

Market expansion

9% of FTE capacity redirected to Asia (Global retailer)

Reduce costs

$50 million in annual cost savings (Global FMCG)

SaaS platform has delivered over 500 projects

How OrgVue works

OrgVue is designed so it can quickly and simply visualize your organization. It also enables you to model and change your organizational design based on your people and the work they do. You can achieve in minutes what currently may take weeks to complete using spreadsheets (we call them ‘dreadsheets’).

  • Aggregate and cleanse your data

OrgVue imports and merges data from multiple sources. Data dashboards quickly display the results and allow you to correct errors in real-time, providing a summary of your changes so that source systems can be updated.

  • Visualize your organization

OrgVue visualizes your organization as soon as your data has been loaded. From org charts to gender pay gap, you’ll find that reports that may have taken weeks can now be created in minutes.

  • Analyze more deeply

OrgVue enables you to drill down into your organization and analyze the results based on specific parameters. If you’re working on what will be a regular report, you can save each view to speed up future analysis.

  • Model the future

Organizations are increasingly looking to model their future, whether that’s international expansion, greater efficiency, or increased diversity. Based on your data, OrgVue can model future scenarios and enable you to plan your workforce.

OrgVue features


  • Flexible data structure – regularly refresh billions of data points
  • Import data from all core HR, talent, and finance systems
  • Archive historic data sets
  • Simple data dashboards and data cleansing tools.


  • Pre-built visualizations to get you started
  • Flexible analysis and ability to build customized reports
  • Service Desk, Client Service Managers, and online help resources to support you.


  • Model future scenarios to design and plan your workforce
  • Track progress against your current scenario.

Enterprise-grade security and regulatory compliance

Start to see value from OrgVue in only three weeks

1. Implementation

Get up and running quickly with a three-week implementation schedule, plus a range of additional advisory services to ensure your program is a success.

2. Client success

A dedicated Client Success Manager providing proactive, strategic support and practical advice to ensure you get maximum value from your investment.

3. Learning and development

Interactive, digital learning units, easily accessible and available 24/7, and customized workshops available on request.

4. Support

An online knowledge base with answers to FAQs and hundreds of best-practice articles and a telephone helpdesk.

Raise your people game

Contact us now to request an OrgVue demo or to learn more about OrgVue advisory services. We’d love to talk to you to see how we can help get you started on your journey towards OP&A.

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