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Data warehouse automation platform in the cloud

Accelerate the delivery of your data warehouse

In an era of Agile and self-service IT, the traditional approach to data warehouse development is becoming obsolete. Introducing DataPlus: a SaaS data warehouse platform that simplifies the build, deployment and maintenance of a data warehouse in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Its intuitive interface enables a developer to deliver your project in weeks, rather than a technical expert in months.

Generate your data warehouse through an innovative, low-code approach

Do it yourself

No coding needed. Fewer data experts required

Time to value

Deliver 10 times faster than traditional development

End-to-end automation

Consolidate, model, manage and govern all in one platform

Agile delivery of your platform for analytics in the Azure Cloud

Data warehouse creation

Agile, automated build of a new data warehouse in the cloud

Data warehouse optimization

Quick and easy migration or off-load of an existing data warehouse into the cloud

Internal data-as-a-service

Consolidate data from multiple sources into a single platform in the cloud for enterprise sharing

360 degree views of data

Integrate and consolidate data from multiple sources to create 360 views of an entity

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