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Revolutionary approach. Revolutionary products. The insights, expertise, and methodologies we develop through our customer projects lead us to develop original products that solve universal business challenges. It's a unique approach to product development and the results are game-changing.

Transform your workforce analysis and modeling for HR and Finance

Transform the way you see, plan, and manage your organization with OrgVue. A leading software solution for people analytics, organization design, and workforce planning, OrgVue enables you to deliver faster, better organizational change. Visualize and model data from across the business to get answers in minutes and analyze organizational scenarios from any angle to plan, implement, and track your transformation. OrgVue is a revolutionary new way to get the edge from your people data.

Introducing our other products

SupplyVue is a game-changing software solution for supply chain analytics. Gain visibility end-to-end to deliver better service, lower costs, and a supply chain that’s easier to manage. SupplyVue transforms the way organizations manage their supply chains, improve performance, and gain advantage.

Generate your data warehouse with our ready-to-go, innovative, low-code approach. DataPlus is an automated, end-to-end software solution to accelerate the delivery of highly customizable and auditable data warehouse projects. You don’t even need your own team. DataPlus will do all the heavy work for you.

Solving business problems through data analytics

Concentra’s analytics and business intelligence teams turn information into insight to give organizations the edge from their data. Organizational data is messy, confusing, and complex. Data experts help organizations understand it, organize it, and act on it, so they can make informed business decisions and improve business performance. Expert business intelligence developers work alongside industry specialists, data visualization consultants, and process analysts to develop bespoke analytics tools and solutions that make a real difference – to people, processes, and performance.

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