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People analytics self assessment

Compare your company’s people analytics capability against our industry benchmarks. Find out what more you can do to build a world-class practice–whether you’re just starting out or have already built an experienced, dedicated team.

Full self assessment

A richer report with more data and insights to build your business case.

  • 10 minutes to complete
  • 25 questions
  • Detailed insight into 6 components of capability–strategy, people, data, technology, process,and governance.
  • How you compare with 7 industry benchmarks
  • Hints and tips on how to improve
  • Useful data to build your business case

In a hurry?

Take our one-minute self assessment for a quick overview.

  • 1 minute to complete
  • 4 questions
  • Summary of your current level of maturity in people analytics
  • How you compare with the overall industry benchmark
  • Recommended next steps

How does your people analytics measure up?

People analytics is finally coming of age. Today, more than four times as many companies have teams dedicated to this now essential discipline compared to a few years ago.

Our self assessment provides insights into your current level of maturity in people analytics and suggests some helpful next steps to build a strategic, forward-looking capability. We’ll send you a link to a personalized report that will help you better understand your company’s people analytics as it is today.

Your data is completely private and confidential. Although the report shows personalized results, there’s nothing to show it’s about your business. All assessment data will be anonymized and aggregated to keep the industry benchmarks up to date.

Sample report

Click to open and see a sample of the full assessment report below, you can view it in a new tab in your browser:

sample people analytics quick self assessment report