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Delivering People Analytics at Scale with a Smart Data Warehouse


People are widely regarded as being an organisation’s most valuable asset, so why do HR teams struggle to answer questions about their workforce?

Furthermore, why are HR teams not leveraging advanced analytical techniques to attract, motivate and retain their people?

In this webinar, we will explore two crucial elements to People Analytics:

  • The People Data and Reporting Platform
  • A Case Study on Advanced Analytics.

We also cover the compelling business case for People Analytics and the process we leverage to deliver a People Analytics solution through DataPlus, which has purpose and impact.

DataPlus boasts an expert team of economists, engineers, and mathematicians, who are on-hand to help organisations build and embed analytical models that improve the decision-making process. Awarded the Alteryx Partner of the Year in 2019, we’ve also achieved Tableau and Microsoft Gold Partner Accreditation, as our revered team of consultants harness the power of your data which derives from our DataPlus repository, to deliver analytics at scale, ensuring sustained and superior performance across your organisation.

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