08 Aug 2017

Transforming clients’ experience through the Analytics Playground

Concentra Team

*Blog image by Rajvi Bhogaita

Founder of UK Deloitte Analytics Lab, key influencer, public speaker, and avid analytics and technology blogger, Min Bhogaita has recently joined the Concentra team, after a 25 year analytics career at Deloitte. Min is a prominent figure in the world of analytics today who has a unique skill: demystifying complex topics in a fun way that non-technical audience will understand. His 50,000 blog followers on his MinIT updates is a testament to this (read his most recent post about AI here).

The timing is perfect – Concentra is on a remarkable trajectory of growth. We transform the world's biggest companies through innovative use of data, analytics, and our in-house intelligent solutions. Min's deep understanding of the analytics market will strengthen Concentra's edge, helping us to incorporate the next big ideas and innovations into our solutions. In fact, Min had already kicked off his first mission – building the analytics playground at Concentra that will transform our clients' experience.


What is the analytics playground?

The concept of an analytics playground itself is not entirely new. Tech giants, innovative companies and world-leading universities usually have embedded the concept in their workplace. Overall, it's a space that encourages people to break away from routine, cook up creative experimentations and prototype ideas. At Concentra, we will create an immersive environment for our clients that can accelerate breakthroughs, demystify industry buzzwords, and showcase fresh thinking using both our in-house software and best of breed analytics products.

Exposure to design, human-technology interaction to spark the 'aha moment'

The analytics playground at Concentra will be a place where clients can explore the art of the possible. It's a chance for them to see the latest tools and techniques developed by both startups and established vendors, as well as to discover ways analytics can be encompassed in their business. Our playground will be a fun and interactive area where our industry and analytics experts will run brainstorming sessions with clients and test prototyped solutions. With innovative devices and the odd comedy one liner thrown in by Min – who said analytics can't be fun and inspirational?

Gamification for problem solving: moving from conceptual to tangible

Through role play and interactive exercises, clients can test how the solution will work in practice, spot potential gaps, identify quick wins for the business and how to scale a proof of concept across the enterprise more rapidly. From touchscreen devices to different analytics platforms and clever interior design – each prop in our playground will foster solution development, disrupt ordinary thinking and spark inspiration.

The team is currently brainstorming ideas to fill our playground – if you have inspiring ideas, why don't you drop us a line? For more updates, stay tuned and regularly read our blog.

Concentra Team

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