11 Sep 2014

Tableau Conference 2014 - Facebook Jeopardy Hack Edition

Tim Archer

Andy and Bryan took the stage to run through how they approached user requests that are not out of the box functionality with Tableau. They both tested each other on solving issues that can be challenging, scoring points against one another when they were able to create solution. My top five hacks are as follows;

  • Pop up charts: Making charts appear on a selection
  • Sparklines on tables: Avoiding scroll bars to line up charts
  • Date filer end date does not change for range of dates
  • Spaghetti charts look rubbish: too many lines on a time series
  • Dynamic parameters using the Facebook HaXML approach

A very fun session, where both presenters clearly enjoyed themselves.

You can check out their blogs here for further details on how to action each of these hacks.



Tim Archer

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