25 Jun 2012

On your marks, get set, commute! [Dashboard]

Tim Archer

We’re proud of where we work. Our Borough Market office offers us a host of eateries, drinking holes and newly built ‘super-structures’ such as The Shard but we keep hearing how much of an impact the Olympic Games are going to have on our daily travel plans. So we decided to find the facts in order to help our team spend less time in the tube or on the platform. We thought we would share our analysis.

So the Olympics are expected to have an impact on most journeys through central London. But what level of impact? And sticking with the Olympian theme, what level of competition will there be to get to work? Does it simply mean that I find someone on their way to the 100m final sitting in ‘my’ seat on the 18:32? Or will I still be standing on the platform at 20:00 with my iPhone battery quickly dying having completed every app I have available to me?

Well for us it looks like 65% of stations in Zone 1 are expected to see some impact from the Olympic Games this summer, and 17 stations from both the Jubilee and Northern lines expected to suffer, which might mean a journey to London Bridge could feel like an Olympic marathon.

How does it look for you?

Firstly, you can check out your Zone and Tube lines, just interact with the dashboard below

Secondly, you can dive into a bit more detail and plan your specific trip by using our guide below to help you reduce your chances of a false start. Perhaps it will help you to make those important decisions to leave an hour later, jump on a Boris bike or pull on those trainers and use a bus /walk combination.

Pick your day and select your time to see the impact the games may have on you. The chart at the bottom highlights time windows to avoid...

Turning data into insight using great visualisation tools (like Tableau - the one used here) is what we do. Contact us if you would like more information or even come and see us in Borough Market… at least now you’ll know how long to plan for your tube journey.

Tim Archer

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Tim Archer - Consulting Manager. I visualise data to help our clients see and understand their business better as a living! I enjoy visualising all sorts of data – particularly sporting and current affair data. My blog articles will usually pull together multiple sources of data to uncover interesting insights and offer different perspectives. No matter what the subject, they will always leverage visualisation best practices to present stunning insight to the masses.