09 Jun 2015

Enabling the Data Driven Supply Chain

Big Data Analytics will transform Supply Chain management, if the information is harnessed, analysed and used correctly. It has the potential to not only improve the performance of individual firms within a Supply Chain, but will also improve integration and productivity across the end-to-end Supply Chain.

For over 30 years, Supply Chain managers have been trying to achieve this. But poor data availability, lack of visibility and the inability to seamlessly share data across the Supply Chain have hindered progress. Now, with the abundance of data available due to technological advances and the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Driven Supply Chain management is becoming a reality.

Want to find out more?

On 16th June, Andy Birtwistle, head of Concentra’s Supply Chain practice, will be speaking at the Supply Chains In Practice networking event at Warwick University.

With 25 years of experience as a Supply Chain professional, Andy has worked across the oil, tobacco, pharmaceutical, Hi-tech and FMCG sectors. His recent project, a global Supply Chain Analytics capability, won the 2014 Supply Chain Excellence award for technology. He is now developing SupplyVue, a tool that brings together insight from Supply Chains, analytics and technology to help drive fact-based decision making across the end-to-end Supply Chain.

The networking event provides the opportunity to explore the current landscape, key enablers and data security considerations for Supply Chain Management.

You can register and find out more here.

Visualising Forecast Effectiveness in SupplyVue Visualising Forecast Effectiveness in SupplyVue