29 Aug 2013

Delivering lasting value with supply chain analytics

Ben Scott Knight

The analytics race is on!

Big data and advanced analytics are revolutionising the way organisations drive growth, improve productivity, and increase efficiencies. Fuelling this transformation is the availability of new tools and technologies which can be ‘operationalised’ in cost-effective and scalable ways. Already, there are companies carving out advantages from these types of investments - raising the question for others as to their ability to remain competitive.

How supply chain will benefit

The supply chain presents significant opportunities to benefit from improved data management and analytical capabilities. Not only is this area rich in transactional data, but it also plays an important role in the cost structures of many organisations. Despite the potential, extracting lasting value often remains a challenge. On the one hand, data resides in multiple systems and can be of questionable accuracy. On the other hand, many organisations struggle to transform the way they operate due to a shortage of front line personnel who understand and can apply analytical models. Solving these challenges and empowering the business to make better and more responsive decisions can drive significant impact to the bottom line.

Concentra - Supply Chain Analytics

At Concentra, we are working with leading organisations to integrate analytics into their core supply chain processes. Covering areas such as forecasting, product management, cost-to-serve, inventory management, logistics and procurement. Our team of consultants combine a deep understanding of operations management with expertise in data management, analytics and data visualisation. This means, our support typically starts at designing the right solution and then continues through the build and implementation phases. Our engagements provide a greater ROI than ‘one -off’ projects as they are designed to capture operational gains for the long term – a key element to this is our focus on leaving newly acquired skills and capabilities within our clients’ organisations.

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Ben Scott Knight

About the author

As one of the Directors at Concentra, I work with our clients to achieve real value from data analytics by focusing on business outcomes and by ensuring the integration of analytical solutions with core operational processes. My blogs cover a spectrum of topics based on my 15+years’ experience in delivering top line growth and operational improvements for leading organisations. Beyond work, I love running, cricket, Tottenham Hotspur, my wife, our 3 daughters, and our 2 dogs.