31 May 2012

New Proposed Clinical Commissioning Groups

Raoul Reit

This is an illustration of the NHS Commissioning Board’s proposed CCG configuration and member practices as published on 24 May 2012, by award-winning business intelligence consultancy Concentra.

The data is in two sections below – the first showing the CCGs by region, the second GP practices by CCG. You can zoom into areas of the maps, select a region to see the respective CCG’s or choose a CCG to see the practices associated with it. Clicking on a CCG on the map will highlight it in the graph below and choosing a measure from the drop down menu will display different data.

The larger and probably most influential CCGs are easy to spot – for example those in Devon, Birmingham, and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Whilst the average CCG will cover 260,000 patients, there is enormous variation in size between the smallest (67,800) and largest (901,000). Perhaps more controversially, there is significant variation of around 25% in the management allowance per patient, with some of the poorer London boroughs noticeably getting a lower allocation.

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Raoul Reit

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