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Analytics Solutions

Concentra’s analytics and business intelligence team has re-branded to TrueCue Services.

TrueCue Services, a comprehensive consultancy offering, stemming from Concentra’s heritage in data-driven analytical consultancy

Organizational data is messy, confusing and complex. Concentra’s data experts help organizations understand it, organize it, and act on it, so they can make informed business decisions and improve business performance. Concentra’s analytics teams consist of expert business intelligence developers working alongside industry specialists, data visualization consultants, and process analysts. It’s this unique blend of skills that enables Concentra to develop tools and solutions that make a real difference – to people, processes, and performance.

Data management

Gaining valuable insights from data relies on having processes and systems that make it easy and efficient to gather, store, extract, aggregate, and transform your data. The Concentra Data Warehouse Accelerator framework makes building standardized, robust, best-practice data warehouses easy and fast, and is used by industry-leading clients across manufacturing, healthcare, and finance.

Data visualization

We believe highly visual and accessible reports and dashboards are a necessity for all analytics solutions. As certified partners of industry-leading data visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and our own cutting-edge products, we can build reports and dashboards that communicate information in the most intuitive, intelligent, and impactful manner.

Advanced analytics

Our expert team of economists, engineers, and mathematicians helps organizations build and embed analytical models that improve the decision-making process. Whether it’s helping the NHS predict high-risk patients or optimizing the logistic network for Europe’s leading delivery company, we always get excited about data analytics and the results it can achieve for our clients.

Improving business performance

Our management consultants combine a strong heritage in strategy and operations with deep sector expertise. We apply collective experience to understand the business problem first, then develop the best solution to give you the edge. We work across industries and functions, empowering organizations to deliver their strategic goals. Whether marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, or HR, our consultants find opportunities to get ahead of the competition and deliver sustained, superior performance.

Analytics technology development

Our in-house software engineers have the expertise to build powerful, bespoke analytics tools using a range of cutting-edge technologies. Our ability to harness multiple technologies gives you faster, better insights so you spend less time waiting for answers and more time making decisions. We’re passionate about delivering truly sustainable solutions. Since day one, we’ve been committed to building tools, not just giving advice.

Our industry-leading software engineers are experts in all leading analytics software and languages, and have experience developing complex custom solutions for major clients on large-scale projects. Using our agile development methodology and collaborating at all stages with our business consultants and data experts, our engineers craft intuitive tools that give clients the power to speed up analysis, drive new insight, and hone their operations, every day.

Analytics Technologies


Tableau is a leading data visualization software. From building dashboards and providing training to implementing enterprise Tableau Server solutions, we use a range of options to get the most from data analytics.


Alteryx is a software solution for data blending and advanced analytics, helping you move from data to insight, fast. A leading and award winning Alteryx partner, we transform the way businesses solve their problems by integrating Alteryx with other technologies, such as R and Tableau, for statistical modeling and data visualizations.


Concentra is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in data analytics, and collaboration and content.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise database management system with a wide range of data warehousing capabilities. We use SQL Server to speed up access to and insights from data. We use it across numerous client solutions as well as it being the backbone of our Data Warehouse Accelerator.

Microsoft Azure

The Azure platform is a leading public cloud service offering a variety of cloud infrastructure, application, and data services on a subscription based model. We use Azure for the provision of pre-production and production hosting services for our products and client solutions.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize, so you can focus on what matters to you. We use Power BI to deliver comprehensive data management and analytics solutions in a Microsoft environment.


R is an open-source language and environment for statistical computing and graphics, and has become an essential tool for analytics-driven companies such as Google and Facebook. We use R to run statistical models on data to generate advanced analytics, which can then be visualized in dashboards.


PostgreSQL is a renowned open source relational database management system with the ability to run on a number of operating systems. We use PostgreSQL within product development and in the delivery of our data analytics services.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another leading public cloud service offering a variety of cloud infrastructure, application, and data services on a subscription based model. We use AWS for the provision of pre-production and production hosting services for our products and client solutions.


Qlik’s range of solutions provides a powerful data discovery and visualization platform. QlikView helps us pull in multiple data sources from across businesses into a single in-memory store.


Python is a programming language with a wide variety of uses and high adoption among the open source community. We find Python extremely valuable in the data analytics space as part of the development of our products and customer solutions.

Tableau services

Transform your data into business results with Tableau. Unlock the power of your data with analytics that anyone can master. Want to learn how we supercharge your Tableau journey…

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