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Our customers

Meet some of the customers who are already using OrgVue and Concentra’s other products and services.

OrgVue Customers

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Learn from these real customer stories on how tech has helped businesses to model for change. Find out how they have been meeting constant disruption with constant design. Read this customer stories whitepaper.


OrgVue helped Aviva, a Financial Services organization, design and transition to their future organization for a fast and accurate post-merger integration at lower cost and risk.

Read Aviva OrgVue Case Study

Learn how Aviva benefit from using OrgVue for people analytics.

Analytics services customers

Our clients challenge us to drive change and create new ways to solve age old business problems. We love nothing more than wowing them and empowering their people through the work we do.


The GSM Association represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide with over 1,000 member companies. We built a global platform to drive collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing among its members.


Global manufacturer Armstrong sells 1,500 different products across multiple management regions, with numerous distributors in each metropolitan area. We developed a smarter way for Armstrong to predict the impact of price changes on US sales and maximise profits.


NCAT is responsible for driving improvement and quality in cancer services across the NHS. We have worked with NCAT over the past 5 years to design, develop and implement two capacity planning systems that are being used in cancer units across the UK.

Our industries

We work across industry sectors using the power of advanced analytics to improve operational and business performance


Healthcare is undergoing an ‘information revolution’. Our experts are helping organizations across the healthcare industry meet this challenge to improve both care and efficiency.

The Department of Health’s 2012 strategy, The Power of Information, has thrown down a challenge to the NHS and wider care sector; to ‘realise the enormous potential benefits of information to improve our care and our health outcomes’. We are helping organizations across the healthcare industry meet this challenge.

Information is central to the changes happening in health and social care. The pressure is on to put the electronic patient record at the heart of all care, to make more and better information available to patients and service users and to integrate, understand and get value from information across organizations and systems.

We work with high profile organizations across the healthcare industry to help them make the most of their information – integrating, visualising, sharing and using data in every possible way to improve both care and efficiency.

“Concentra’s pricing and cost-to-treat tools will change the industry.”

David Mobbs Nuffield Health

Healthcare data management and operational reporting

We help commissioners and providers get faster, better insights from implementing our Data Warehouse Accelerator to bring together large amounts of hospital data to using leading technologies like Tableau and Alteryx to build disease surveillance dashboards.

Healthcare pricing and costing strategies

We bring a data-driven approach to pricing and costing. We collect and bring together detailed data at the patient-level for a comprehensive overview of costs, ensuring more accurate and effective costing and pricing strategies.

Healthcare resource and process improvement

Our solutions help organizations to map, analyze and model processes and resources. We can help give insights into staffing ratios and agency costs, as well as modeling how you can improve patient flow, theatre utilisation and even inventory management.

Healthcare patient and pathway modeling

We help organizations segment patients to target services more effectively and deliver better care. Using our tools we ensure pathways are smooth and predictable to ensure the best levels of service and efficiency possible.

Healthcare benchmarking and needs assessment

We make the most of publicly available data, bringing it together to determine the needs of the local population so services and budgets are aligned across national bodies, local authorities, trusts and CCGs.


Our pricing and market access experts combine sector expertise with cutting-edge analytics and technology to deliver fresh perspectives to complex problems.

We work with clients from across health and life sciences, including biotech, diagnostics, medical device and pharmaceutical businesses, as well as healthcare providers, payers, regulatory bodies and charities.

Our team works collaboratively, whatever the challenge. We create bespoke systems and strategies that help our clients build deeper understanding and gain greater insight, so that the right decisions can be made at the right time.

Strategic planning

Strong strategies are built on strong evidence. But knowledge is dispersed across territories, teams and specialties. We connect the dots, crowd-sourcing input from the right people, and leveraging data from the right sources, enabling decision-makers to lead with confidence.

Budget impact modeling

We make beautifully crafted budget impact models which raise the quality bar in field communications. Enable your team to run informed, personalised, value-add meetings with payers and providers. Seeing is believing, so get your free demo today.

Pathway costing

Healthcare is commissioned and provided in pathways. Whilst medicines are a key component, good decision making considers the wider context. Our pathway costing framework enables pathways to be mapped, costed, and changed. Scenarios can be compared, so the transition from current to future is clear.


We build dynamic forecasting models to predict market performance of new and existing products. Designed to be used ‘live in meeting’, they encourage debate, challenge and exploration. This drives greater ownership, understanding and confidence in decision-making.

Uptake analytics

One of the most critical phases of the life cycle, the post-launch uptake trajectory is a key determinant of market potential. We combine lead and lag indicators with sales and supply chain data to put the spotlight on uptake, enabling your team to develop tailored strategies right for each customer.

Concentra came back to us with the best solution – and it fitted what I was looking for”

Duncan Simmonds, Novo Nordisk

An illustration of how our analytics help you get more from your sales force. Track activity, outcomes and ROI to make sure you are directing the right resources to the right accounts at the right time.

Our solutions in uptake management help track sales, uptake and penetration across geographies and through time so you can channel resources to where they’re needed most.

Financial services

We work with clients across financial services, from retail and investment banks to insurance and private equity firms, making sure they stay ahead in a fast paced environment.

The financial world is driven by data. Our experts work with companies in the banking, insurance, and investment sectors to uncover and take advantage of opportunities, fast.

The financial sector is continually being challenged to unlock more potential from data. In such a fast-paced and complex stakeholder environment, analytics holds the key to staying one step ahead of the competition.

We understand how to build powerful, flexible solutions to get immediate value from data while helping to build in-house capabilities to ensure you sustain long-term performance. We work with organizations across financial services to improve processes, solve business problems, reduce risk and drive growth, every day.

Client analytics

Our ability to integrate and blend data helps you get a comprehensive understanding of your clients. By applying advanced analytics, we identify ways to maximise revenue including up/cross selling, segmentation and targeting, focused messaging and improved service.

Operational reporting

With such a complex multi-stakeholder environment, reporting is a necessity. However, it doesn’t need to be a chore. Our ability to build solutions across technologies means we can give you faster, better insights so you can spend more time making decisions rather than working out what you’re looking at.

Compliance tracking

The highly regulated world of financial services requires clear and comprehensive reporting. Our regulatory analytics solutions help reduce risk and ensure robust decision-making in an area where you have to get the answers right.

Target operating model

We provide a data-driven approach to building a clear target operating model in order to transform the organization’s performance. By modelling the entire business including customers, products, workforce and core processes, we identify ways to cut costs while delivering a more compelling customer value proposition to the market.

Benefits tracking

In delivering any transformation effort, the ability to quickly identify what’s been achieved and to highlight potential shortfalls is a must. Our benefits tracking solutions provide up-to-date information that drives confidence, supports decision-making and allows more time to focus on capturing the benefits.

Concentra’s approach puts end-user needs at the heart of the solution. By standardising and clearly sign-posting daily tasks, forms and transactional processes our people get things done more effectively.

Louise Clements, London Stock Exchange Group

An illustration of using network analysis to target and segment customers based on relationship strength and number of connections.

Our ability to map and track the as-is versus to-be organization will help you deliver your Target Operating Model faster, better and with less risk.


We help retail and consumer businesses transform how they use and manage data across their value chains to deliver better service and customer experience, from pricing analytics, resource allocation, to synchronising the supply chain.


We work with industrial manufacturers to combat the challenges of margin pressures and increasing competition. Applying analytics to redesign operating models, operational efficiencies, and increase collaboration across global footprints.


We support automotive businesses get more from the ever increasing amounts of data they are collecting, including: accelerating the delivery of targeted consumer campaigns, conducting cost to serve analytics, and streamlining logistic networks.

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