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People analytics self assessment

Getting people analytics right can be tricky. Our people analytics self assessment lets you compare your company’s capability against industry benchmarks, so you can see what more needs to be done to build a world-class discipline in understanding your workforce.

When change is the only constant, it makes sense to constantly manage change

Getting ahead beats playing catch up. Proactivity beats reactivity. Understanding how macro change affects your most important and expensive asset – your people – and planning ahead is vital. OrgVue gives you control of your workforce: how it’s organized, how it operates, and how it can do better. For the first time, HR, Finance, and the business can come together to plan the future organization, ensuring the workforce is aligned to the operating strategy.

Workforce analysis and modeling for HR and Finance


Fast, data-driven decisions with automated data collection, visualization, and organization modeling


Connect people to roles, competencies, activities, and business objectives. Any level of detail in real-time


Designed for the era of constant evolution. Continually map change and be ready for anything

Introducing our other products

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SAAS Data Warehouse Automation, delivering the right data to the right people at the right time. Previously known as DataPlus, the TrueCue Platform is a smart data warehouse automation platform, built for business analytics in the cloud.

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Solving business problems through data analytics

Our analytics and business intelligence teams turn information into insight to give organizations the edge from their data. Organizational data is messy, confusing, and complex. Data experts help organizations understand it, organize it, and act on it, so they can make informed business decisions and improve business performance. Expert business intelligence developers work alongside industry specialists, data visualization consultants, and process analysts to develop bespoke analytics tools and solutions that make a real difference – to people, processes, and performance.

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