Central to an effective solution is having the infrastructure and support to run, maintain and enhance it. To provide these, we have a dedicated in-house support team and have partnered with a leading UK business hosting provider.


Our support service has been carefully designed to provide you with fast, cost-effective second- and third-line support for critical systems, applications and infrastructure. We guarantee access to resources with the knowledge and skills to resolve any problem in the shortest possible time.

Our development methodology focuses on working with your team in co-creating software and systems so that once the project is finished you have the skills to maintain the system and provide first-line support for your users. However, we are always on hand to provide second and third-line support.

We have a dedicated in-house support team for second-line support. For third-line support, our system of keeping our development teams together through multiple projects means that the original team who built your system is always available to answer technical enquiries, maintain the solution and develop enhancements.

We usually agree a foundation support package with each client, based on a set number of hours per month. This is calculated according to the complexity of the system and the number and type of users. You can add additional 'small works' coverage to this to provide a cost-effective way to pay for small developments and enhancements.


We provide secure, highly resilient hosting in partnership with Star Technology Services, a leading UK business hosting provider.

Working with Star we provide a flexible hosting infrastructure and service level agreements to match the requirements of your solution and your business. They can offer your business 99.99% availability for power, cooling and Internet connectivity, exceptional standards of resilience and disaster recovery, and sophisticated security and access-control systems.

Features of our hosting centres include:

  • excellent physical security, including swipe-card entry access, intrusion detection, CCTV monitoring, security guards and patrols
  • protection from power failure, a including dual-power feed to the site, uninterruptable power supply, battery back-up and diesel generators
  • mains filtering and stabilisation
  • fire detection and suppression
  • water/leak detection
  • air conditioning and other environmental controls
  • regular backup for disaster recovery purposes.

Clients can also have their systems replicated at other data centres and have fully redundant networks with assured separation.

Support teams are on hand 24/7 and monitor the systems closely to proactively identify potential faults or failures.