Stop ticking boxes and start getting value from competency management

Making the most of the talent in your organisations.

Competencies have a chequered history, so why spend time building or renewing competency frameworks... can you afford not to?

Capturing value from mergers

A merger or acquisition is one of the biggest changes a company can go through.

The rationale behind M&A activity is to drive growth and/or lower a company’s cost base. However, judging from past experience, capturing these benefits as part of an integration programme is far from simple.

Creating value in private equity: in a tougher market, how have funds become smarter?

As the rate and scale of private equity investment has increased over recent years, creating value has become more challenging. The market is more competitive, compounded by difficult macro-economic conditions.

This paper focuses on portfolio management. It is a collaboration by two firms: Concentra, a business improvement consultancy with deep ties in private equity, and Hatton Grange, a boutique headhunter with expertise in supporting funds on transactions and making board appointments to private equity portfolio companies.

How the development of Business Intelligence is changing the science of price management

Improving the way that organisations manage pricing is an area of potential benefit that is underexploited.

The evolution of Business Intelligence (BI) tools and techniques has created an opportunity to improve the way that organisations manage their price management processes Business Intelligence allows organisations to use smaller external teams effectively, while better leveraging internal resources, and ensuring that a sustainable solution is implemented.

Benefits tracking: How to make your cost control count

Establishing a robust benefits tracking process.

As the global economy continues to undergo challenges, UK businesses are facing a tough choice – just which cost-cutting moves will best deliver against key corporate objectives and what criteria could be used to see if they have?

Building the case for an Intranet

Everything you need to think about when planning your upgrade, migration or new Intranet implementation.

It’s harder than ever to get budget approval for projects. A good business case is essential to demonstrate that an intranet is not a ‘nice to have’ place to store information and documents but a fully-fledged means of creating efficiencies and saving your business time and money.

Business Intelligence for Health - The Cancer Commissioning Toolkit

Business Intelligence (BI) for health refers to skills, knowledge, technologies, applications, quality, risks, security issues and practices which support health improvement and its financial implications.

CCT is an example of a novel approach to Business Intelligence in healthcare. It uses web-based technology which means its processes and decisions are transparent to stakeholders from different sectors tied into legacy IT systems.

The Challenges of Implementing Business Intelligence

A discussion of three of the top challenges businesses face when attempting to implement business intelligence.

Business Intelligence consistently ranks in executives’ top three priorities and tops the list of corporate IT objectives. So why are so few organisations currently using it to gain the competitive advantage it promises to deliver?